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Timi Eross Holistic Branding Specialist

I offer my expertise to help your business forge forwards by mentoring or advising


Web Design

Graphic Design



Is there a gap in your team?

You might just need what I have to offer!

Having had many years of experience in the creative as well as corporate industry from photography to web and all form of digital marketing, I’m sure there are many areas where my holistic approach and skillset can help you.

My main goal is to listen, oversee your business, understand your and your clients’ needs, and deliver the perfect solutions. I’m happy to adapt to your team and fill the gaps where needed.



“Timi is always armed with fantastic ideas, an amazing creative vision, as well as up to the minute strategic branding input.”


“She is a true creative in every sense of the word. She is an incredibly talented brand specialist and her photography is off the scale good. She cares deeply about her work and delivers bang on brief time after time. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


Shereen Hoban Coaching


I'm working with motivated professionals to help them achieve their vision.

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